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Reservation forms Edit

Reservation forms are used to get the needed informations of your guests to process the reservation. You can add them with a shortcode to a Page or a Post. The forms are very flexible because they get built with shortcodes too.

Add form to Post Edit

The easyiest way is to use the easyReservations Shortcode

[easyreservations] This shortcode shows the form for the reservations.

[easyreservations xxx] The shortcode supports attributes:

xxx: It shows the form which you had create in Settings -> Form.

[easyreservationcalendar] This shortcode shows the calendar for the reservations The calender shows the reservations depending on the rooms. It automatically updates the view if you use: a.) use the dropdown list b.) [hidden room x] in choosen reservation form

Tags for the form [easyreservations] Edit

{error} shows error message (wrong input or non-available date {date-from} date of arrival (with Datepicker) * {date-to] Tag der Abfahrt mit Datepicker * date of depart (with Datepicker) * {persons x} number of persons * {thename} name of guests * {email} eMail des Gastes * email adress of guest {rooms} choose of room * {offers x} offers as select or box * {hidden type x} for fix a room/offer to the form {custom type x} add custom fields as needed {message} message from guest {submit x} submit button *

fields with * are necessary fields

[easyreservationsedit] This shortcode shows the input fields to edit the reservations

Helpful informations Edit

Uninstalling the plugin:

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